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ObjectivesThis tool can be used for generating base code (attributes, data access layer, business logic layer, presentation layer, startup project) for multi-tier applications which work with databases. An application generated by this tool can be run and work with the database without additionally changes to its code.L This tool generates fully-functional WinForm database applications.Features summary: L Supports Sybase Power Designer;L Object-Relational Mapping; L Generation of UI (WinForm); L Extendable templates; L High quality generated code; L Transactional support; L Stored procedures generation;Current version of this tool supports MS SQL Server 2000.Current version of this tool supports C# 2003 (WinForm).Current version of this tool supports C# 2005 (WinForm).Database restrictsEach table of database must have primary key. The primary key must have only one field.Base codeBase code contains five separate projects. Each project is a tier in the multi-tier architecture. Each project contains classes. Each class has according table in the database. Physically each class separates into two classes, base class and custom class. Base class contains some base methods (CRUD - create, read, update, delete for each table) and/or fields that work with database. Base classes are auto-generated and hand editing base classes is not recommended.Custom classes just inherit base classes and they are using for realizing specifically business logic of your application.Base code was generated with help of templates.

Systems: Windows

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